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Production Printing

Production Printing

Support & Services

Production Printing

Ricoh Production Printing Systems are reliable, cost-effective, high-speed print engines with robust finishing capabilities. Ricoh Production Printing Systems are built to keep going and going, page after page, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity across your organization. Ricoh production Systems help in-plant, data center and graphic arts customers grow their business.

High Volume
Models Speed
Aficio MP C600055/60 (color/b&w)yesyesyes
RICOH Pro C550EX55/60 (color/b&w)YesYesYes
RICOH Pro C651EX65 (color/b&w)YesYesYes
RICOH Pro C700EX70/75 (color/b&w)YesYesYes
RICOH Pro C72072 (color/b&w)YesYes
RICOH Pro C751EX75(color/b&w)YesYesYes
RICOH Pro C75175(color/b&w) YesYes
Ricoh Pro C90090 (color/b&w)yesyesyes
Ricoh Pro C900s90 (color/b&w)YesYesYes
RICOH Pro 90790 Yes 
Ricoh Pro C901 Graphic Arts Edition90 (color/b&w) yesyes
Ricoh Pro C901s Graphic Arts Edition90 (color/b&w)yesyesyes
Ricoh Pro 8100 EX95YesYesYes
Ricoh Pro 8100s95YesYesYes
Ricoh Pro 8110s110YesYesYes
RICOH Pro 1107110 Yes 
RICOH Pro 1357135 Yes 
Ricoh Pro 8120s135YesYesYes
Ricoh EMP 156156---Yes---

End User Limited Warranty

  • Ricoh Americas Corporation ("Ricoh") warrants that this ...more

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